Motorcyclist Magazine
Holiday Gift Guide, December 2003

"The filmic version of Mark Gardiner's 2003 Isle of Man experience is arriving just in time for the holiday season. For those of you so unfortunate to have missed out on the two-part series that ran in our February and April 2003 issues, Motorcyclist contributor Mark Gardiner quit his posh ad-agency job, sold all of his belongings and moved to the Isle of Man with one goal in mind - to race the TT."

"An official selection of the 2003 World Film Festival and the 2003 Calgary International Film Festival, One Man's Island is a documentary of Gardiner's obsessive quest to fulfill a boyhood dream. Shot and recorded as the events occurred, rather than after the fact, One Man's Island is composed only of images and sound recorded on location with Gardiner's story expressed in his own words and through his own voice, framed by the visual style of director & cinematographer Peter Riddihough. Available on DVD, One Man's Island will assuredly entertain and speak to all motorcyclists."


"will assuredly entertain & speak to all motorcyclists"