Isle of Man Examiner
May 27, 2003
John Gregory, Staff Reporter

TWELVE months ago Canadian Mark Gardiner was preparing to compete in his first ever TT after giving up his job and home to fulfil a dream. Reporter John Gregory hosted a special showing of One Man's Island, a documentary film which chronicles his experiences.

"One Man's Island tells the story of Mark's training, his ambition and his success at TT 2002. There were a number of people who Mark and Peter wanted to see the film and I managed to get a few of them together - Tourism and Leisure Minister David Cretney, who is also chairman of the TT co-ordinating committee, Geoff Cannell, commentator and TT and Manx Grand Prix chief press officer, TT winner Richard 'Milky' Quayle and Steve Hodgson of Padgett's, who Mark leased his race bike from."

'Milky' Quayle:
'I can relate to it [the film] from a rider's point of view and I feel exactly the same'

Geoff Cannell:
'I don't think there are that many people who can say they have fulfilled a dreamlike that'


Steve Hodgson:
'The man's love and enthusiasm of the Isle of Man are obvious'

David Cretney:
'It's a human story, about someone who had an ambition and achieved it and I congratulate him for that'