The Director

Peter Riddihough is a filmmaker & photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His work combines a dynamic story-telling ability with strong visual style, and includes two documentary feature films, a documentary for television as well as a variety of short films. His distinct black & white still photographs have been published in a variety of magazines and books.

Riddihough has continued his exploration of risk with his most recent film, Jump, a feature documentary that explores the underground world of urban basejumping. The follows a waiter by day, basejumper by night, and examines issues of risk, having only one parachute and meditation through freefall. Jump has screened in festivals in Montreal, Calgary & Toronto and will screen in June 2007 at the Moscow International Sports Film Festival.

Ridihough's previous films include Things My Parents Taught Me; Ode to the Empanada. That film took a far more personal direction and examined the relationship between food, culture and family.

Having cut his teeth in conventional film production, Riddihough chose digital technology as the ideal medium for One Man's Island. The flexibility and portability of the equipment allowed Riddihough, acting as both cameraman & recordist, to effectively achieve an intimate and spontaneous working style.


Born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in Canada, Riddihough studied English, Politics & Film at the University of Toronto & Film Studies at Ryerson University. After four years of "graduate" work in the creative purgatory of directing television commercials in Toronto, Riddihough formed Hoffworks Productions in 2002 in order to focus on the development of original independent films.

Select Filmography:

Jump (2006, feature documentary)
Things My Parents Taught Me: Ode To The Empanada (2003, documentary short)
One Man's Island (2003, feature documentary)
Adam Thom Sculpture (1995, documentary short)
Family Life In The Civilized World (1995, documentary short)