Praise For One Man's Island

“Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for motorcycle racers”

The Calgary Herald

“a wonderful documentary and an extraordinary achievement. It’s not just a motorcycling story, but a parable for living.”

Cycle Canada Magazine

“recommended viewing for those who dare to dream…”

RideOn Magazine

“will assuredly entertain & speak to all motorcyclists”

Motorcyclist Magazine

“a winner!”

The Isle of Man Examiner

“By the end you might also be re-thinking the continued postponement of your own long-held dream.”

Friction Zone Magazine

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Everyone should have a dream...

In January 2002, at the age of 46, Canadian Mark Gardiner gave up his job, home and life-savings for a chance to ride in the Isle of Man TT, the world's greatest and most dangerous motorcycle road race.

One Man's Island is a documentary portrait of an obsessive quest to fulfill a boyhood dream. It is a human-interest story with universal appeal, not simply a film for motorcyclists. It examines the motivation, passion and risk associated with the quest. It chronicles first hand the events of the journey. It explores the question of why anyone would go racing. One Man's Island captures the experience of realising a dream.

One Man's Island
Feature Documentary, Canada, 2003, 100 minutes
Written, Directed & Photographed by Peter Riddihough
Featuring Mark Gardiner
Produced by Hoffworks Productions

"I've been to motorcycle school. This is motorcycle graduate school"
- Mark Gardiner

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Riding Man is Mark Gardiner's best selling account of his struggle to qualify for - and survive, the TT races. If you're a dreamer, the lesson in this book is that the pursuit of any worthwhile goal involves risks, rewards and, almost inevitably, some regrets. If you're not a dreamer, the lesson is more important: the deepest regrets are always over risks not taken.